Association of Adventurers of Baden-Powell

The Movement

1857 Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was born in London, on February 22nd.
1889 Olave St Clair Soames was born in Britain.
1899 Creation of the Mafeking Cadets in South Africa.
1907 First Scout Camp on Brownsea Island with 20 boys.
1908 Scouting for Boys is published.
1909 First appearance of the girl guides at Crystal Palace, in Britain, during a scout rally. Foundation of the guides.
1910 Baden-Powell quits the army to be able to devote all of his time to scouting.
The first patrol of French-Canadian boys scout is funded in the city of Quebec. The Boys Scout is funded, the first scouting organization in Canada.
1912 Baden-Powell is made knight.
Baden-Powell puts his sister Agnes, in charge of the girl guides. The girl guides are founded in Canada.
1913 Foundation of the Wolf Cubs
1916 Lady Baden-Powell starts out with the guides. She will be named Guide General Commissary.
1917 The book Girl Guiding is published.
Foundation of the Rover Scouts.
1920 Baden-Powell is made World Chief Scout.
1921 Baden-Powell is made Baron of England.
1924 First International Girl Guide camp at Foxlease (England). 40 countries are present, as well as Lady Baden-Powell.
1926 Foundation of the first troop in Québec in the parish Saint-Antoine-de-Longueil.
1929 Baden-Powell is made Lord of England; he takes the name of Lord of Gilwell.
1930 The Baden-Powell couple go on a worldwide tour.
Lady Baden-Powell is made World Chief Guide at the Foxlease Conference.
1935 Baden-Powell visits Canada. In the presence of Cardinal Rodrigue Villeneuve, archbishop of Québec and Primate of the Canadian Church, he is involved in the foundation of the Fédération des Scouts Catholiques de la Province de Québec.
1938 Foundation of the Fédération des Guides Catholiques de la Province de Québec.
1939 B.P. is a nominee for the Peace Nobel Prize. This prize will never be awarded because of World WarII.
1941 On January 8th, Baden-Powell dies in Nyeri, Kenya, where he will be buried.
1963 In France, the Association des Guides et Scouts d’Europe is borned and the International Union of European Guides and Scouts is created under the leadership of Périg and Lizig Géraud-Kéraod.
1967 Lady Baden-Powell visits the International and Universal Exposition of Montreal, «Man and His World » and spends an entire week in Canada
1973 On October 13th, the Association des Éclaireurs Baden-Powell is founded (« Les Éclaireurs du Québec » was registered first, but this name was modified during the AGA in order to avoid all possible confusion with other scouting organization) in Quebec under the impetus of Florian Bernard and Denis Charbonneau. Later the creation of the Association Bayard Québec will follow. The Association des Éclaireurs Baden-Powell (AEBP), as well as the l'Association Bayard Québec (affiliated to the Fédération Française du Scoutisme), were created in the aim of safeguarding certain pedagogical methods and approaches of traditional scouting and girl guiding, in 1973.
1975 Camporee of the Friendship in Huntingdon.
1976 Camporee Fraternity in Chertsey.
1977 Camporee Sharing in Saint-Damien-de-Brandon. On June 25th, Lady Baden-Powell dies in Surrey (England). She is buried beside her husband in Nyeri, Kenya.
1978 The Association des Éclaireurs Baden-Powell (AEBP) is officially recognized by the Federal Council of the International Union of the Guides and Scouts of Europe (UIGSE), and becomes affiliated with this international organization.
1980 Boy Camporee L’Orignal in Berthierville.
1981 Union of the AEBP and the Association Bayard
Girl Camporee Squirrel in St-Damien de Brandon.
1983 First provincial Jamboree « Jam Plein-Vent » in Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac (Mauricie), more than 1000 scouts and guides participate.
1985 Boy Camporee Beaver in Île-Bizard.
1986 Girl Camporee Snowy Owl in the Cantons de l’Est.
Creation of the section of the Amiks, for boys and girls of 7-8 years old, at the AEBP.
1989 Boy Camporee Wolf in Cap Saint-Jacques.
1990 Girl Camporee Beluga in parc d’Oka.
1992 A new organization is created due to an internal conflict in the AEBP : The Association Québécoise des Aventuriers de Brownsea (AQAB). The International Union of the Guides and Scouts of Europe gives to l’Association des Éclaireurs Baden-Powell the status of national organization with jurisdiction on the entire American territory.
1995 Boy Camporee Caribou at St-Cuthbert, AEBP.
1996 Girl Camporee Dragon in Le Gardeur, AEBP.
1997 Boy Camporee Outarde, St-Alphonse Rodriguez, AQAB.
2000 Retro-Jam in Ste-Sophie, AQAB (groups from the AEBP are invited). Guide Camporee of Nouvelle-France (Beaver) in Sainte-Sophie, AEBP.
2001 Boy Camporee Cougar in Île-Bizard realised in collaboration by the AEBP and the AQAB.
2003 Girl Camporee Louve Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, AQAB.
2004 Girl Camporee Bison in Estrie, AEBP with the participation of the AQAB.
2005 Boy Camporee Tiger in Ste-Sophie, realised in collaboration between the AEBP and the AQAB. In June, the members of the AEBP decide to disaffiliate the organisation from the International Union of the Guides and Scouts of Europe.
2007 Union of the AEBP and the AQAB. Creation of a new organisation: The Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell (AABP). Centennial Jamboree Impeesa in St-Louis de Brendford.
2008 Girl Camporee Caiman in Ste-Sophie, AABP.
2010 Boy Camporee Condor in Île-Bizard, AABP.
2012 Girl Camporee Elephant in Ste-Sophie, AABP. June 2012, the AABP celebrated 5 years of existence.
2014 Boy Camporee Sphinx in Ste-Sophie, AABP.