Association of Adventurers of Baden-Powell

Lord Robert Baden-PowellWho are we?

The Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell (AABP) was founded in 2007 following the merger of l'Association des Éclaireurs Baden-Powell (AEBP) and l'Association Québecoise des Aventuriers de Brownsea (AQAB). The main objective of the newly founded association is to preserve and promote the methods and pedagogical approaches of Traditional Scouting and Guiding. Today, AABP has 1200 members throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

As a modern entity, AABP believes it is essential to maintain strong criteria demands surrounding the educational supervision and support we give to the youths under our responsibility. Still today, the Promise and the Law are the core elements of the entire Scouting and Guiding training program for the AABP. A training program which is both progressive and adapted to the psychological development of the four age groups we offer, (7-8 years old, 9-11 years old, 12-16 years old, 17 years old and older).

Health, resourcefulness, formation of character, the spirit of service and spirituality are five goals towards which we orient the educational framework of our traditional association. Concretely, those goals are attained by living the great game of Scouting.

For the last 35 years, AEBP, AQAB and now AABP have depended from volunteer men and women. Their training and their strong willingness to contribute to the training of useful citizens warrant the success of traditional scouting in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

With resourcefulness, determination, faith, mutual aid and courage, our members can accomplish great things. They elevate themselves, but also elevate others. Finally, as our founder Baden-Powell wished, they will leave Earth a better place than what they came into.