Association of Adventurers of Baden-Powell

Welcome to the Fellowship of Past Members page

The Fellowship regroups all AABP members (old members of AQAB, AEBP and Bayard included) who are no longer in service whether temporary (year off) or definitely.
Our motto is: « Once a Scout, always a Scout» «Once a Guide, always a Guide».
This group of past members holds meetings and punctual activities at least five times a year. These activities maintain the friendly and cordial relationships and the solidarity of its members with AABP. The Fellowhship supports the link and need for information by sending all scouting publications produced bt the association. The person currently in charge of the Fellowship is: Xavier Kalibbala; Tel: 450-661-0539. For any other information regarding the Fellowship please contact the National Center at 450-667-5187.